About us

Cann Credit is a private investment fund that offers outside bank credit to companies that are active in the Cannabis market in Israel and all over the world.

We offer this credit to companies operating in the field of medical cannabis, start-ups, and farmers who have licenses to grow and produce medicinal cannabis.


The medical cannabis field is gaining momentum in light of the medicinal properties derived from the plant, which is already helping millions of people around the world who suffer from a wide range of diseases and medical problems.

With this in mind, start-up companies in this field face many challenges in regard to a long development process together with lengthy stages of regulation.

This requires financial resources and capital that will allow the companies or farmers breathing space in order to achieve their business plan and goals.

Cann Credit is designed to provide the ultimate answer:

Cann Credit integrates Senior Managers who have extensive experience in institutional financial companies in the capital market who have spearheaded complex processes in the field with professionals in the medicinal, technological, cultivation and research areas. Together, our professional Cann Credit team can offer financial capabilities that will enable your company to achieve its goals.


We offer a variety of options for obtaining credit on convenient terms alongside various investment channels with the company's equity.